MRP Ramp Control.

MRP is an already known brand after market launch of shock absorbers.
After a few years MRP invents the Ramp Control Cartridge, a cartridge capable of improving the compression curve and
to be able to set in a precise and easy the ending-stroke of some of the most popular forks.
MRP Ramp Control is compatible with:
RS 35mm Ramp Control Cartridge Model A
Will fit 2013-2016 Pike forks with 15x100 axle spacing and 2010 and newer Boxxer World Cup (air-sprung) forks.
RS 35mm Ramp Control Cartridge Model B
Will fit 2015 and newer Pike forks with "Boost" 15x110 axle spacing, all 2017 Pike forks, and all 2015 and newer Lyrik and Yari forks (regardless of axle spacing).
If you are unsure about which model to choose for your fork, consult this page for further help with identification.
Cartridges are incompatible with Vorsprung Suspension's Luftkappe in 160mm Pike, and 170 and 180mm Lyrik and Yari forks.
NEW Fox 34, Version A
Will fit 2016 and newer Fox 34 Float forks with the FIT 4 and Grip dampers.
Cartridges are incompatible with TALAS forks.

As we know there are two types of forks: air and spring-oil.
Unfortunately, it is well known that air forks are much less progressive than the other, resulting in more laborious for the riders.
With the Ramp Control we can resolve all these problems: replacing the cartridge with the series of MRP house you can adjust at will the
Ramp Control Cartridge easily mounts: unscrew and remove the cap of the original cartridge and fits
Ramp Control.
The great thing about having the Ramp Control is that you can set your fork precisely thanks to the 16-position of the ring directly on the trails
without having to remove or add PSI.

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