GE1 e GA2 Ergon.


One of the most important things in MTB is keeping to grab safe thanks to the right grips.
We have tried the Ergon GE1 Ergon and GA2.
Just installed pui immediately see the quality of Ergon products.
I found it very convenient to read the correct side printed on the knobs to secure the rider with the right placement of GE1.
Ergon has been studying for years how to design the knobs that offer greater comfort than the cylindrical handles.
The GE1 are really perfect!
They are intended to maintain the firm grip longer, not to lose sensitivity to the hands and have less pain to the forearms.
Ergon chooses two different rubber compounds with a contoured handle and by providing support for all the palm.
The newness of Ergon is to create dials that help the correct position of the rider while driving.
On the trail GE1 they made me feel safe and I noticed that my position changed especially in berms.
The GA2 were immediately struck by the softness of the rubber.
They are less shaped the GE1 but at the same time my hand is positioned immediately to the right place.
The rubber is very thin so quste knobs are comfortable even for those with smaller hands.
The soft rubber guarantees a perfect grip even with sweaty hands or rain.
I employed a little time to arrange them in the right position, but the fact that it almost seems to cling to the empty and after a day at the bike park
my arms say thank you!
After a period in which Ergon has not sold new products and preferred to be in the vanguard I say that the GE1 and GA2 are so RAD!


The GE1 Slim is a slimmer construction of the top-selling GE1, which is designed for those riders who prefer a smaller grip or want to experience a more direct feel to the handlebar. The GE1 Slim grip actively supports the correct position of the upper body, forearms, and hands during aggressive downhill riding. By rotating the grip 8% on the handlebar axis, the rider automatically bends the elbow outwards for technical riding. "Et Voilà!" as Frenchman and 3 time DH World Champion, Fabien Barel, would say, who help develop the GE1 Slim with Ergon. An inboard forged aluminum clamp keeps the GE1 Slim secure. Fully integrated handlebar plugs connect to the inner core (Pat. Pending) enabling the rider to grip right at the end on the handlebar on a soft and damping grip edge. The unique GE1 Slim shape reduces pressure on the sensitive ulna nerve and arm pump is effectively reduced. Carbon bar compatible.
The GA2 All-Mountain / Gravity grip has superb tactile feel thanks to a super-soft, UV stable rubber compound exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany for Ergon. The ergonomic shape requires less rider grip pressure while specific grip zones – matched to the shape of the hand – increase tactile feedback and traction. The inner construction varies in thickness to allow greater damping, which results inless ulna nerve stress and decreased arm pump. The inboard aluminum clamp allows even more grip area at the end of the bars. The gripset is lock-on and carbon bar friendly.


Use: Mountain Bike, Freeride, Dirt
Weight: ca. 99 g*
Size: Regular Slim
Color: Blue, red, laser lemon, blue, black, red, orange
Clamp: Cold Forged Aluminium / CNC Machined

Use: Mountain Bike, All Mountain, Freeride, Dirt
Weight: ca. 107 g*
Size: One Size
Color: Blue, red, laser lemon, acquamarine, purple, orange, black, grey
Variant: Regular Rohloff® / Nexus®
Clamp: Aluminium, Black Anodized


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