Cura Formula.


Now the world of MTB has come a Levels in high technology and innovation.
Formula has revolutionized its disc brakes vision: Cura.
We all know that an optimal and immediate braking is required: the Cura was conceived and designed for the rider needs.
The brake is one of the most Personal of the set up parts of each pilot, for this Formula chooses a simple, efficient and reliable product.
One thing that struck me is the Speed Lock Technology: it Allows for the disconnection and connection of the hose multiple times without losing fluid or introducing air into the brake.
The Speed Lock hose is the best option for internally routed frames, the traveler who packs Their bike, or anyone who is Constantly assembling / disassembling Their bike.

Laboratory tests exceed expectations, I hope to try them out soon!


The Cura is a clean, simple, and great riding brake designed to fit all riders and their bikes. The lever, designed for the human factor, is our most ergonomic and intuitive yet. With how capable mountain bikes have become at conquering any trail our caliper is proficient in taming the bike to overcome the trail.

This new era of Formula disc brakes has given us the chance to change our status quo. The Cura is Formula’s first brake to use mineral oil. Our brake performance standards have always been out of the range for the inclusion of mineral oil. We have finally found and use a mineral oil that complements the performance of our brakes.

The Formula Cura has been designed from top to bottom with riders in mind. In our laboratory, and on the race track, we have confirmed that the Cura is an extremely powerful, wide range brake that feels comfortable from weekend warriors and enduro riders to World Cup Downhill racers. We believe that brakes are one of the most personal and intimate parts of the bike, this is why we have simplicity and efficiency in mind when we design it.


Type Axial - Forged Aluminum
Body Finish: Glossy Black or Polished
Clamp Color: Matte Black
Screws: Stainless Steel

Material Forged: Aluminum
Color: Matte black

Type: PM6 with 24mm pistons
Body Finish: Glossy Black or Polished
Screw color: Stainless Steel
Pad type: Organic Compound
Hose lenght: 100cm front / 165cm rear
Hose finish: Matte Black
Feeling Control System: Compatible (optional)
Speed Lock: Standard / Caliper side only
MixMaster: Compatible (optional)
Brake Pads: All Compatible
Rotors: All Compatible (6H & Center Lock)

With 85cm hose, 160mm 1-piece rotor and mounting hardware

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