Tire Booster Schwalbe.

With the new Tire Booster Schwalbe, the assembly of tubeless tires becomes safe and easy.
Who use the Tubeless needs a powerful jet of air so that the heel is positioned at the edge of the rim and the tire is well sealed,
"This is not always possible, depending on the combination tire and rim, with traditional ground pumps," says Peter Krischio, Product Manager Schwalbe Race, and Tire Booster you can inflate the tires up to a pressure of eleven Bar.
Who needs more air flow can also use a special adapter: you must remove the valve mechanism and the adapter is screwed directly on the stem of the valve - the airflow is thus maximized.
Here's how: Place the adapter on the head of the Tire Booster hose and screw the valve stem, then fasten the ground to the Presta Valve Tire Booster pump and inflate to the desired pressure.
Immediately the air is distributed evenly and you will hear the engagement of the tire on the wheel.
The Tire Schwalbe Booster will be available from December 2016 to Euro 59.90 price.

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