Koriak Reverb.

is proud to introduce its first telescopic seatpost KORIAK that will be presented this week in Friedrichshafen in Germany.
Weighs 520g (including cable and remote control), the Koryak seatpost allows an excursion of 120mm.
An air replaceable cartridge makes the fast ascent, while the downward movement is very soft.
The mechanism is implemented via a cable inside-wiring OPTISLICK mechanical system for maximum performance in any type of metereologica- condition that starts from the seat and passing through the frame is connected to its control lever located on the handlebar.


2 types of remote controls:
a normal remote control (mountable your choice on the right or on the left handlebar)
a remote command Firebolt style (compatible with I-Spec II) for anyone who wants to fit the 1x11 configuration, or Di2 with Synchronized.
Be a set of original parts including the compressed air cartridges.
• Available sizes: 30.9mm and 31.6mm.

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