Stamp Pedals.


Our experience has been very positive.
The STAMP by CRANK BROTHERS are recommended Downhill but I assure you that are enjoyable on Enduro Bikes.
They were perfect in wet, roots and stones but also on the jumps.
If they are mounted on an enduro bike they gave me the feeling of having mounted SPD pedals.
10 pins for each side ensure a perfect grip and, at times, almost was hard to detach the foot from the pedal.
The STAMP have a very slim design with concave platform to ensure a perfect grip in all situations and wide openings for the expulsion of mud.
Another point in favor regards maintenance: removing one screw can be easily ingrazzare and have an internal welding with premium bearings for longer life.
SMALL and LARGE are available based on the number of the foot.
Council these pedals to those who do not want to lose his grip even once in the hard element situations, shoes with smooth soles and for those who does not use technical shoes.


Size specific pro-level concave platform pedal provides optimal shoe/pedal interface.

Optimal surface area
Minimal profile 11mm-13mm thin
Concave platform for secure foothold
10 adjustable pins per side for grip
Premium bearings & seal system

Stamp small recommended for shoe sizes:
5-10 (us) // 37-43 (eu)

Stamp large recommended for shoe sizes:
10-15 (us) // 43-49 (eu)


spindle material: forged scm 435 chromoly steel
body material: forged 6061-T6
inner bearing type; igus LL-glide bearing
outer bearing type: igus LL-glide bearing
footprint: 100mm x 100mm
adjustable pins: 10 per side
shoe size: (us // eu) 5-10 // 37-43
weight: 375g per pair
warranty: 5 years

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