Moustache Hidden Power.

Moustache huge news: The 2017 MTB range is the only - for now - to present the full integration of Bosch battery in the frame with aluminum and carbon frames.
Moustache Hidden Power is the latest innovation of a brand that has made the development of electric bike belief.

The "Hidden Power" range consists of: 2 Hardtail, 2 full aluminum 140mm, two carbon 140mm, 2 aluminum 160mm and 160mm carbon. All wheels with Maxxis PLUS Rekon and all with wheels and cranks exclusive Moustache.
For a small company founded five years ago by two people and now boasts 32 people organic and 45 models in the catalog, 2017 really marks a year of incredible breakthrough.
Great experience, the hours spent on the bike and the nights spent to design and draw that we find today in 3 new 2017 range of platforms:

Hardtail : Samedi 27 OFF 6, 8

FS 140 : Samedi 27 TRAIL 6, 8, 9 et Limited

FS 160 : Samedi 27 RACE 6, 8, 9

"We worked hard on integration and aesthetics, aesthetic we wanted clean and dynamic, as well as on driving sensations, another key point of the project!" Declares Emmanuel Antonot co-founder of Moustache and leading the development engineer.
"These new products are the result of an idea that has more than two years!
The result of a project a little crazy, almost impossible that required two years of development.
The challenge was not only to integrate the battery but especially to reduce the volume to a minimum. We had to optimize every angle, rounding off corners and shave every millimeter. With many difficulties. "

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