Bike+ all in one.

A new partnership for the development of new technologies in the world of e-bikes began between Vittoria and Zheus.
Vittoria comes not as a traditional manufacturer of covers for cycling, but as a group of high technological impact: oprima with the recent discovery of the purest version of the revolutionary Graphene (pristine), supplied by technology partner Directa Plus and now continues on this idea with Zheus partners exploring a new and revolutionary aspect of the cycling world, sharing the same vision of the urban mobility of the future.

BIKE+ all in one is the first and only non plug in hybrid bike.
Thanks to the most innovative energy management system you can enjoy your ride limitless.
With an innovative all in one design we got rid of external batteries and wires.
It is so light and compact that it looks as a regular bike.
You can choose to connect to your smartphone anytime to gain access to innovative functions such as online diagnosis, bike locking, etc.
The smartphone application connects via bluetooth to your BIKE+ all in one. It shows you some information such as the speed, the odometer, the road slope, the motor power, etc. It also allows you to customize your ride by choosing the effort you want to make.
By using a single slider it is possible to set the behaviour of the bike from full assistance to a non-plugin hybrid for the smartest management of your energy!

The close cooperation with Zehus allows Vittoria to complete its range of products offered to the public around the world.
This novelty will be accessible by the end user as much as by the many bicycle manufacturers, since the developed system is ready to use and requires no structural changes to the frame.
Zehus and Victory will create a new company (VZ Industries LTD) in Taiwan: the first Zehus hub will come off the production line next September.
Hope that this is the first step towards a more distant future: hubs and rims are compatible with every type and model of bike.
Imagine having a technology on bike Dowhill or enduro ... Every mountain would be easy to climb, and everyone would have available nearby location at home to train without lifts.
The future is almost here: Congratulations!

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