Shimano STEPS E8000.



In motorsport reigns electronics.
The mapping unit is set to be per circuit and also bike circuit in the world is important technology.
Shimano finally brings to market the its e-bike: the SHIMANO STEPS E8000.
This bike uses a gearbox and an electromechanical derailleur can be mapped according to the needs of the rider and the trail he is doing.
another thing that impressed us during the presentation at the Bike Festival Riva for the battery: small but powerful and rechargeable via a micro USB plug connected with any portable charger, even that of the mobile phone!
Fundamental is the geometry and handling of the bike: Shimano keeps the geometry of the rear and the bottom bracket is the same size as a normal MTB.
The rider, although the engine between the feet, is comfortable and in a natural position.
A fully technological and above all functional bike for the rider: adjustable throughout and fully electronic, also connected with our smartphone through an app.
At last, my father will come and ride with me with a bike home Shimano!


Shimano electrifies its MTB offering with dedicated e-mountain bike components
Explore new grounds with SHIMANO STEPS.
The all-new SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB components deliver maximum enjoyment at whatever effort level you desire, meaning you can extend your riding potential to explore new grounds and conquer new horizons.
E-mountain bikes level the playing field between riders with different fitness levels and abilities. Uphills become a joy, taking riders to places they couldn’t previously reach. And when riding uphill can be quicker, it gives riders more time to enjoy the downhills.
This is achieved by a lightweight and compact E8000 drive unit, designed around the concept of being intuitive and providing a natural feeling for the rider. The drive unit is compact so frame manufacturers can make E-MTB frames with shorter chain stays, giving riders have better maneuverability on the trail. The cranks sit with a narrow Q-factor, so riders feel like they are riding a standard mountain bike. And most importantly the lightweight unit is controlled intuitively by a left-hand power mode switch with three settings (Eco, Trail and Boost) for different types of terrain.
Shimano first launched its urban and leisure-orientated e-bike components (E6000) in 2013. Now, with the knowledge and experience that comes from many years of developing high-end MTB components, Shimano unites its technological expertise with the release of its E8000 components, dedicated towards the rigors and demands of e-mountain biking but designed so that riders can experience the true sensation of the mountain bike.


-The SHIMANO STEPS E8000 series E-MTB components features a powerful drive unit (DU-E8000).
-Power for the motor is provided through a large capacity 500Wh battery (BT-E8010), complete with battery mount (BM-E8010).
-Driving force is transmitted through a dedicated chainring including crank arms (FC-E8050/E8000) and a 34T or 38T chain ring (SM-CRE80-B/CRE80), which  comes with an optional chain retention device (SM-CDE80).
-The system is controlled through a sleek bar-mounted cycle computer (SC-E8000) and a FIREBOLT switch unit for assistance control (SW-E8000-L), along with a  speed sensor set (SM-DUE10) for the rear wheel.
-The remaining components of the drivetrain can be supplied from Shimano’s Di2 MTB components (XTR/XT) or mechanical 10 and 11 speed drivetrains.
-The new SHIMANO STEPS MTB system can communicate via Bluetooth with the E-TUBE software platform allowing you to change settings and customize your  set-up via computers, tablets or smartphones.

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