Bianchi Methanol CV.

The new Methanol CV is the first mountain bike in the world created with Countervail® vibration canceling technology.
A technology developed for NASA by Materials Sciences Corporation that defines new levels of performance and established itself as the cross-country MTB fastest ever created.
The special architecture of Countervail® and its viscoelastic properties of carbon fibers give it a "After Shock Control" total, eliminating the vibrations that come from the rough terrain and passing through suspension after the initial impact.
"After Shock Control": increases accuracy and decreases the muscle fatigue.
We loved this new technology that at last to first place the rider and not the look of bike!
Countervail® is a carbon material viscoelastic protected by patent, characterized by a specific arrangement of the fibers that eliminates up to 80% of the vibration, increasing at the same time the rigidity and strength of this carbon frame.
The frame with Countervail® technology, the massive BB92 bottom bracket, the tapered head and the horizontal shortened chainstays work synergistically to create a platform that ensures optimal stiffness and maximum power transmission.
The Countervail® technology eliminates the vibrations that come from sconnessifino funds to 200% more, thereby reducing muscle fatigue and ensuring greater energy to face the trail.
The result is a significant increase in overall performance.
The increase traction ensures more control under braking, in the sprints, in the corners, uphill and other status.


- Carbon frame with the use of high modulus material Countervail®
- Geometry 29 "perfected c / 4 sizes (15,17,19 & 21")
- Through Axis 12x148mm Boost
- Tapered steering
- PressFit Movement BB 41x92mm
- High Direct Mount front derailleur
- Seatpost diameter 27,2mm
- Horizontal length 429mm chainstays
- Compatible Di2, internal cable routing of the remote control of the telescopic seatpost, front derailleur compatible Side-Swing

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