Disc brake BrakeStuff.



 We tried this disc by Break Stuff, a brand created by Torsten Guba in 2007.
Over time the brand has specialized in the production of customized discs and various design height of the competition.
We tried to one in the previous pic.
What customers are looking for is the personalization of their bike and find a disc with the perfect blend of looks, weight and quality of braking.
Ideal for use when the trail muddy, because the notches removes perfectly the dirt and keep 100% braking performance.
The material is hardened steel laser-cut and by means of a heat treatment reduces the wear but increases the duration of life of the disk.
The idea of Torsten is also that of having discs for hubs no longer in production.
They are available in two thicknesses of 0,4-2mm and are compatible with Avid and SRAM.
For those looking for a single disc: I recommend the customizable template with the name!


Guaranteed cooling and optimum braking in the wet.
Better removal of dirt on the braking surface.
Compatible with many standard braking systems.
heat treatment for long life of the disk and less wear.


Material: High alloy steel
Available sizes: Ø160 / Ø180
Thickness: 1.95 mm
Reibringbreite: 15mm
Surface: heat treated and precision ground



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