Aro-08 Ashima diskbrake.


The Ashima disc, compared to those of other manufacturers, have big holes that allow you to quickly cool the disc with mud and maintain clean the brake pads and discs.
One other important thing to consider is the weight.
These disks, thanks to the cut that Ashima offers are very light, are mainly used in disciplines such as Cross Country, but if you like an on-off braking is what makes you.
The typical braking with Ashima disc, is very impulsive for the braking surface.
The disc has very large holes that allow the brake pad of acting in more aggressive, and then the braking is immediate.
The disadvantage of these disks is that very quickly consume the organic pads.
Recommend to all metallic or sintere pads.


These rotors are targeted at the seriously weight conscious or the competitive cross-country rider were every gram
saving can make a huge difference on race day.
Lightest stainless steel rotor on the market!
Unique Ashima design.
Special High Grade Improvement to 410 stainless steel (specifically for brake disk use).
Double ground for superior flatness.
Heat-treated to 42 HRC.
Excellent wet/dry performance.
Excellent disk wear.
Excellent heat dissipation.
Rapid air circulation.


PART Number7size: 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 185mm, 203mm.
Design Style 08: 68g, 85g, 112g, 113g, 136g.
Colours: Silver, gold, white, blue, black and red.

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