RockShox Reverb Stealth.



The seatpost is used in the Enduro and All Mountain, disciplines with frequent elevation changes.
It serves to facilitate cyclists in the climb phase, increasing the height of the saddle to be able to ride better and lowering it down to ensure maneuverability of the bike.
RockShox has put on the market this Reverb Stealth that, compared to previous models uses hydraulics to raise and lower the saddle.
The remote control hydraulic with respect to the mechanical is softer and requires a lower pressure and thanks to the PSI can adjust the Speed with which the saddle comes out.
Inside the mechanism it is very similar to that of a stem of a fork, including oil seal and para powder, all much more simplified.
I recommend to everyone, being a hydraulic cable, plugging into the frame (if you have the chance), not to take any chances.


Featuring identical functionality as traditional Reverb, the significant difference of Reverb Stealth is the hydraulic hose’s exit point from the post. Stealth’s hose exits the bottom of the post, routing internally through the frame, creating a non-moving, clean hose-routing solution, that will yet again set a new standard in the adjustable height seat post category. Now available with the Connectamajig hydraulic quick-release for the remote control hose, making it a breeze to route the hose into the frame when assembling the seat post on a bike, and allows for several disconnects and reconnects before a system bleed is required.


WEIGHT: 560g, *Weight based on 355mm length, 30.9mm diameter, MMX: remote with shifter hardware and 1300mm hose
LENGTH: 355/380/420/430mm , Hose length: 2000mm
MATERIAL: Shaft: 3D forged 7050 alloy , Head: 7050 forged alloy
OTHER: Zero Offset , Remote: Adjustable return speed at the handlebar, Discrete or Match Maker X, Left or right
AVAILABLE IN: Travel: 100/125/150mm ; Diameter: 30.9/31.6/34.9mm


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