Our Project.

After various researches on the web we found out that there are not blogs like this out there.
Sites about street and sport wear, as well as accessories with in action photos are really a few.

Though, there is a wide public interested in such topics.
So we thought: "How to link together all people from all around the world, which are so close to each other in terms of tastes and interests?".

This is how Rider Addict was born: common people, as well as athletes, that want to have fun and show their style and passion through pictures.
On this website there will be action and statics photos  that communicate the beauty and adrenaline of this sport, telling stories about where and how they were shot, with a focus on what the rider is wearing.

We are normal people that love this sport, we are informed and demanding, and we want to help other people like us to use the right products and communicate our passion through our contents.


This project was born in May 2015 and it's rapidly growing.
We are already on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. We started on Instagram and over there, we have over 46.000 followers already, and everyday we gain very fast.


The way we want to work, at first, is with sponsors that send us products to test, use or wear for our pictures.
The photo will be in action and will be published with the required hashtags and tags, creating also new ones by analyzing the traffic.

We have already assisted and helped the growth of the fashion blog Ontomywardrobe.com, which now is one of the most known of the sector worldwide.
We are in touch with many brands that have worked with us and are satisfied with what we are doing.
We are in touch with many others that would like to work with us in the future.


We want to become a point of reference for all the brands that want to expand their market and reach new clients from all over the world.
We are ambitious and we are also starting to work on an online shop for all those brands that want to work with us.

Our Team

JACK Hi, I'm Jack, 24 years old. I love to ride my MTB with my crazy dog. My dream is to ride trails in all Bikeparks.
OURTEAM 02 Hey! I'm Giulia, 30 years old. I love to ride with friends and meet new riders everyweek. My dream is to improve my bike skills and ride on.  
OURTEAM 02 Hey, I'm Virginia, 26 years old. I never refuse a ride! My dream is to become a professional photographer and videomaker. 
ANDRE I am Andrea, 27 years old. I ride my bike only when I go to work but I like MTB world. I love travel in a different place every week.

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