• Everything is possible.
    Everything is possible. The MTB passion is very big, jumps are huge!
  • Pink style.
    Pink style. A little pink dot in an impressive green location.
  • You must reflect
    You must reflect Believe in yourself with calm, peace and quiet.

Travel not to miss

by Virginia Buffa

Events, bikeparks and location. Tips on where to go with our MTB. 
Keep updated on the events and discover new locations to have fun: Bikeparks, events and MTB life. 

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The best idea this week.

Extra stuff: Discover the Price List 2017 by Vittoria .

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The best PEDALS this week

STAMP by CRANK BROTHERS. Here are the analysis and the results of our experience.

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2017 MTB range 

Moustache Hidden power: the best 2017 innovation 

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Bos deville 160mm fork.

A great suspension by Deville, an air spring with better performance than a coil spring.

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Your photos.

You have to be here
You will soon be able to publish your shots while you ride your bike.
Make yourself known to our partners and sponsors.

Viral Videos.

Seek and chosen 
Enjoy quality movies and our videos. Tracks, races and many curiosities from bike world.


When MTB is constantly a fantastic dream in our mind.

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Our Team

Hi, I'm Federico, 27 years old. MTB is my life! My dream is to go and ride in the most famous places like Whistler. 
Hey, I'm Virginia, 26 years old. I never refuse a ride! My dream is to become a professional photographer and videomaker. 
I am Dylan and I'm one years old. I love to run with humans riders even on most difficult trails without fear. 
I am Coco and I'm six years old. I love to jump all, run fast and kiss al riders. I love bikes and my tennis ball! 

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